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I'm a huge nerd that enjoys being a little silly when the time comes for it. I'm the host and founder of "nerd is the new sexy Entertainment" and try to keep things interesting for the listeners and viewers!

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Posted by wyldfyre1 - January 3rd, 2014



That is all.. LOL



Posted by wyldfyre1 - September 5th, 2013

Ever since i was a wee lad I've always had a fascination with midieval weaponry such as swords and stuff. So it came to much suprise to my dad (and none to me) when i was about 14 years old i wanted to start collecting swords. I had a HUUUUGE collection of knives at the time so i figured (young logic) that it would be no different. My Dad of course looked at me like i was insane and told me no sternly. Well now I'm a damn adult and guess what? I'm still a damn dork! So here are a few of the swords that I've collected.

A: Well its the Master sword from Legend of Zelda.

B: Reverse blade Katana. Can anyone name the ANIME featuring this beautiful blade?

C: Well if i have to tell you what this is then you shouldn't even be reading this.. In fact KILL YOURSELF NOW... LOL kidding... Its a keyblade =).

I'm such a dork here's some proof =)

Posted by wyldfyre1 - September 1st, 2013

Winner is the first to give the correct answer.

Q: what is the name of this popular Japanese movie monster?

A: Mothra

Winner: NO ONE Cuz ya'll could not get it! LOL

Note: Stick around for another QUIZ coming soon.

Wyldfyre1's Quiz Reborn #2

Posted by wyldfyre1 - September 1st, 2013

Its been a while since i've done one of these or posted in general so here we go!

Winner is the first to give the correct answer.

Q: What game is this following image from?

A: Contra

Winner: VicariousE

Note: I figured i would start with an easy one.

Look for more quiz's coming soon

Wyldfyre1's Quiz Reborn #1

Posted by wyldfyre1 - June 23rd, 2013

Well its looking like I'm back. Though i think I'm going to be doing this slowly. May start into writing music again soon. I have alot of project idea's in mind to put in motion. Doubt much of you guys remember me but here i am! You will see me doing more reviews also!

Much luv NG


Posted by wyldfyre1 - April 30th, 2012

I got bored and had a very funny idea so here you go.

Posted by wyldfyre1 - January 19th, 2012

Freddy 3 thousand (WoW rap song) Totally forgot about this and listened to it again and laughed haha it was me and Zappa getting down.

Posted by wyldfyre1 - January 23rd, 2011

As always it seems between work and projects i have going on i'm just too busy these days. Really, i'd have it no other way. I kinda wish i could get back to reviewing like i once did. Sadly, time doesn't allow that much. So its music for some of the projects i'm working on or the new game ranger. Keeping me busy for sure.

Anyway, Thought i'd touch base with everyone and say much luv.


Posted by wyldfyre1 - January 12th, 2011

I'm back...............................KIN DA.


Posted by wyldfyre1 - December 31st, 2010

Happy new year everyone. I hope that the holiday season was nice to every one of you and i hope that this new year treats us all well.

Much luv.