Entry #242

Wyldfyre1's Quiz Reborn #1

2013-09-01 01:33:12 by wyldfyre1

Its been a while since i've done one of these or posted in general so here we go!

Winner is the first to give the correct answer.

Q: What game is this following image from?

A: Contra

Winner: VicariousE

Note: I figured i would start with an easy one.

Look for more quiz's coming soon

Wyldfyre1's Quiz Reborn #1


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2013-09-01 02:07:44


(Updated ) wyldfyre1 responds:



2013-09-01 03:54:50

I bought into the 16-bit Sega, well after the Contra pack-in game.... think it was Sonic 2.
Cool, this almost makes up for buying the 32X lol

wyldfyre1 responds:

LOL see how things like that help ya know this fun stuff. Gotta love Contra. Was a cool old NES game back in the day too


2013-09-01 07:28:02

Haha, I think the only thing you could have done easier would have been Mario.

wyldfyre1 responds:

LOL yaaah i figured this would be a nice easy one for ya'll.