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I'm a huge nerd that enjoys being a little silly when the time comes for it. I'm the host and founder of "nerd is the new sexy Entertainment" and try to keep things interesting for the listeners and viewers!

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wyldfyre1's News

Posted by wyldfyre1 - October 19th, 2007

It looks like i'm signed up for some voice acting for not only a few flash movies but a RPG coming out soon! WOOT!

I have several songs in the mix right now and still working on the Game ranger Remake along with coming up with idea's for The Game ranger 3.

I'm trying to come up with a fight song for a flash however i'm having the hardest time coming up with something haha usually when i write it just kinda flows out. When i'm asked to make something thats when it gets a little harder... I'll come up with something soon i hope. If not who knows what will come out lol.

I'll keep ya'll updated!

Posted by wyldfyre1 - October 11th, 2007

I've had a sound explosion coming from my brain right onto the many programs i use... and..HOLY CRAP... When this next track comes out...wow..I've suprised myself with this one.. I hope everyone else likes it.. I'm known for my "Mystic" Or "Relaxing" sounds.. THis one will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! i can't wait to add more.. I stopped on it tonight because i don't want to get burned out on it..

Also in other news alot of voice acting out of the way today. No complaining but I've barely had any ME time today haha.. Thats fine. Also it looks like i'll be playing a detective in a flash. This will be a first for me being that i'm voice acting outside of friends flashes. I've done voice acting for years but this will deffenatly be fun!

Can't wait.


Posted by wyldfyre1 - October 9th, 2007

Well crap.. Now i have at least 3 programs to make music and i'm blocking BIG TIME.. Arg.. i'll come up with something soon i'm sure. Oh well..

Much love

Posted by wyldfyre1 - October 7th, 2007

Don't Post your work on the audio portal ask for someones opinion then get mad when i say something in a nice way mentioning that wasn't that good. If your not adult enough to accept critique then don't add your stuff here.. I know that some people don't like my stuff LOL the only time i throw insults is when i feel they are insulting me! Grow up, don't get angry about something NICELY said even if it is negitive!

LOL thats my rant for now. More music to come from me soon enough..

Much love

Posted by wyldfyre1 - September 20th, 2007

I want to thank everyone who made that possable! The VLG Productions will never forget ya haha. As to all those people who just talked shit about the track.. BOO YA FUCKERS! HAHAHAH