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The animation it self was pretty good. However the song has been over spoofed and that kind of took away from the humor in my opinion. Other then that good work and congrats on daily 2nd.


Super entertaining! I never thought about Dracula vs a Mosquito like that.! Good wok!


LMFAO Yeah, this was as funny as when we visioned it in the script! hahahah that end song still cracks me up. I almost forgot i recorded that!

Can't wait to write the next one!


Sunrie responds:

Yeah, we need to figure out if the song was about Professor Eucalyptus or a different person breeding Branch.

I know all to well how hard it is when you rely on others to turn in parts of a project you really want to get out. So i can understand the wait for this. OMG The loading screen makes me wanna KILL A KITTEN! Ok, with that said let me watch the finished version.

I'd say this was a pretty good update. The credits were all i'd expect them to be. Enjoyed the humor in this too. So all in all i'd say its a worth while wait. The next one should be a hoot as well.


Clovis15 responds:

I see that the loading screen has successfully done its job (just kidding).

As for the credits, they should be changed up in the next few episodes. I try to make a point of changing the credits after every seven episodes. The next target of parody will be the original opening to "Big O", but this time around we'll be remaking the song in order to changes the words.

Anyways, I'm glad that you enjoyed the episode and hope to have the next one out far sooner.

I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!! With the exception of the end scene this is EXACTLY how I seen it in my head man! The end scene turned out PRETTY damn funny too! Oh man I'm nearly in tears. Hahah maybe we'll make a sequel one day. Making the Ending theme song was fun as hell!


Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, maybe! Now to finish up Game Ranger 4!

always makes me laugh

Again, this is some wonderful stuff i've always laughed at this and still do =) Great work



You know i was really suprised watching this because i knew a little of what you were going to do but not all and alot of the animation in this did look good to me dispite what some other people say. Its a sprite after all. Its a little longer then the other one featuring mario wich is fine haha i still think you should of used more of my idea's LMFAO. Anyway man keep it up and congrats on getting weekly award.


Sunrie responds:

Hah, maybe on the next one. I'm thinking something with Toad

I'd say its pretty funny.

especually all the parts i had to do with LMFAO.. Joking joking. Really though, i think that there was alot of crazy out of no where humor in this and thats what makes this fun to watch. The fella below me saying there's SBMZ in this i can't understand being that i've not seen that. Its a sad thing when people reference ANY sprite animation to something like that. Sure its good but geez lol =). Anyway all in all this was fun to watch. I still got to see the credits!


Sunrie responds:

Hahah, yeah, and I'm glad that I found that old R2D2 Enema skit you had done as well

Dots are good for the soul.

Very interesting and fun to watch as always. Good work on this for sure =). Keep em coming!



Short but fun to watch for sure. I had to watch it at least 2 times before i could get my fill of it. Was a fun flash to watch for sure. At first i was thinking each flash animator was singing but i didn't hear sunrie's voice when his part came up so LOL that took care of that thought. Good work for sure and congrats on daily 5th.


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