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1-5 How I vote on audio..and the meanings behind it. (Redone)

Posted by wyldfyre1 - July 1st, 2015



Alright, Well since I wrote the original the voting system changed so I think i will better explain how I review in this new system. There's not much difference but for those of you who are new and are unused to how I review here you go:


A Quick Note

Let me first start out with this. Know what I am rather strict with music. If I have given you a vote that you don't think is fair it has nothing to do with you personally, or your friends, or your dog. Its the vote I felt the song deserved. I usually will tell you in the review what I feel you can improve on or even fix. Know this: I AM BIG ON ORIGINALITY. If the song is not original and or is a ripped from a midi then expect a negative review. Your response to my reviews is up to you (I'm generally pretty nice even when negative) so if you want to argue just know this - You are posting music on a site that gives people the option to comment. You knew this when you posted it. If you cannot accept constructive critiquing then it will reflect upon you- My views do not reflect upon if we are friends, or otherwise. Expect an honest review.

I go by one general rule: Music is emotion.



How Wyldfyre1 reviews audio



No Star / half a Star - Horrid. I will most likely give you a list of things that I feel need improvement.

Full Star / Star and a half - There were portions of the audio I enjoyed but the majority of the music needed work.

Two Stars / Two and a half stars - There was something in the song that got my feet tapping but it most likely felt as if it was missing something.

Three Stars / Three and a half stars - I enjoyed the song a bit more than most. I see small room for improvement.

Four Stars / Four and a half stars - This song is near perfect. I'm rather impressed by the music. It probably just needed that extra OOMPH.

Five stars - The perfect song in my opinion. The song blew my mind.




Thanks for reading and if you want me to review your music or just want to leave some love feel free to post below with a link for music.


as always much love to all the newgrounds audio people out there




Comments (4)

Hi! I've read your post and I think you could help me by reviewing some of my songs or telling what can I improve if you have time. Thanks in advance!



Also if you like my work, follow me to keep updated!


All done, Had a listen and reviewed.

This is fantastic. Regardless if you hate it, I'd love a genuine person to review this if you'd like to:


done =)

How would you rate teasers or unfinished pieces?

I guess it depends on how much exactly there is to rate.

Only returning here to say that I finished one of the demos you reviewed, go and check it out and let me know if you see any improvement please :)

--> http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/625298