1-10 How I vote on audio..and the meanings behind it.

2007-11-19 08:33:09 by wyldfyre1

This is how i vote. Those of you who really know me know i'm VERY strict on giving out 10's and its really rare that i do. 5's however i do give out alot because well.. Alot of songs have potential and i try to see it in all of them... here's a lil chart and the meaning behind what i vote. Don't be offended by it.. Or Do.. I can't control ya! Just remember this is just how I do this.. I don't down vote or hate vote or any of that stupid shit. I also don't listen to the "populer artists" because they are popular. There are some songs that (example) Milk man Dan does that i don't like. I'm honost to myself and i'm honost to you people. And over all i TRY to be nice also, I try to be fair and listen through the song. I tend to leave little comments and idea's on how the song could be better to ME if i do its just my opinion yanno? So don't take it personal... Anyway Voting goes as follows:

(Updated: one being half a star and so forth)

0- horrid i couldn't stand it and most likely is going to get A list of things that can improve on.
1- A little better then 0 but still to the same effect. Not impressed (not that it matters) I rarely give out a 1.
2- Some of the song actually sounded pretty good but the majority was just nasty.
3- i liked it but it probably was something that didn't get its groove across.
4- Parts of it made me tap my foot or nod my head a lil but some of it just..well...Didn't work.
5- at this point i'm starting to like the music but it needs work.. Feels unfinished.
6- Its a pretty decent track and i'll probably listen to it again.
7- Most likely would download a track from here up. Tracks i'd really enjoy. Example of what i'd give this to is songs that are remakes that sound good but still feel not worthy of an 8 because its not original (note: i'm BIG on originality)
8- This is what i usually give out if i like a song. IF you get an 8 or above from me then it means i think your a great artist and i'm most likely going to keep an eye on your future work.
9- A rather rare score from me but it means i'm impressed and that i feel your one of the best on newgrounds.
10- If i give you a 10 then you're song has given off so much emotion from me that i felt its one of the best on newgrounds. I rarely give these out but when i do..Its a REALLY good song by a REALLY good arist..


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2007-11-19 14:33:42

Can you review some of my songs? I could use some new direction.

(Updated ) wyldfyre1 responds:

Yup, done and done.


2007-11-19 23:17:54

Cool, your reviewing audio too, I started reviewing audio a couple of days ago relizing that theres not much devoted audio reviewers. I see your reviews here and there.

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah, being an arist myself I feel its only fair that i go out and listen to some other stuff as well.. I mean besides its music that mostly muses music! Lots of good stuff out there!


2007-11-22 03:57:04

After reading this I decided to go back through my work and read over some of the reviews that were left there. As I read through them I would come across the reviews you had left for me...its odd really...none of the reviews you left me were lower than an 8/10 with one 10/10 for my Chrono Trigger [WiP] (which will never be finished now because well...the original is gone and I don't think I could remake it exactly like it is T.T.). Thanks alot for those and I should be around a little more...its just been so damn busy o.o. OH! and if/when you read this remember...I am still waiting on 'that song'...comparable to "Tom's Song" and "Winter in Montreal"...hurry up and get it done! ;].

wyldfyre1 responds:

LOL wich song was that? (Been doing so much lately man i can't remember my own name.. I wont be around much thanks to work stuff here soon) hehe but i've been working on a few new things but thanks to this block man.. fuck... The collab with Mikeblade is on hold till i get something back from him! wich is a pitty cuz that song just.. blew my mind!


2007-11-23 00:56:18

That's a good system you've got going there-- I should probably work out something like that.

wyldfyre1 responds:

yeah its kinda how i had it in my mind so i went ahead and posted it because some people would get upset if i gav ethem a 7 and ask why? why? Because i'm pretty strict with how i vote hahah thats why =) But still. Thanks =)


2007-11-23 20:47:53

hey, I got a question
what program do you use to create your audio?
Also, did it cost anything/ free/ or is it a trial?


(Updated ) wyldfyre1 responds:

well while everyones using fl7 i'm stuck with FL 5 and 7 now I also use Reason 3.0 (Don't like 4.0 so i'm using 3) and MAGIX Music Studio 12 deluxe (haven't used it toooo much though)

there ya go haha. =) Hope that helped.


2007-11-23 15:01:05

man i am with you oh by the way i love your jap song, funny as hell LOL, but i go with you on your reveiw scoring but i only give it a ten if it either makes me LMAO or crys because it is so good and your jap song made me do both LMAO and cry because i was laughing so hard. dude i put it on repeat and played it over and over again and it gets funnier every time keep up the comody thanks bro.

wyldfyre1 responds:

Yah that jap song is a stich i'll tell ya. I really never expected that voice loop to get as populer as it did. Yeah, i have to feel a strong emotion to give a 10. Though I feel any song has potential to do such. Everyone has that potential in them to write something compelling and heart felt.


2007-11-23 14:23:12

not bad.yo can u help a brotha out,here,man?i wanna make a music collab.i beat box u make a tune to go with it on the computer,like a hip hop feel to it.PM me 2 let me no.holla!

wyldfyre1 responds:

Tell ya what i'll see what i can do. Though i'm not tooo into beat boxing it would make for an interesting style song.. Hmm. Yeah i'll see what i can do for a hip hop sound.


2009-03-11 00:23:39

haha, i just randomly stumbled onto your account from forum browsing, and it turns out you were the one who called one of my pieces an alien sex orgy. Made me crack up all day today. if you get around to it, maybe you could give your opinion on some of my other stuff.

wyldfyre1 responds:

sure, I'll get to that when i get some time =).


2009-04-01 01:34:27

I like your system. I'm a bit kinder with my system, since I tend to rate things higher. However for me 10's are rare nowadays too.

Could you review some of my songs? The more recent ones might be more fun to listen to like Pianist's Journey and Journey to the East. Of course, feel free to look at any of the others. :D

(Updated ) wyldfyre1 responds:

Done and done.


2009-08-11 10:20:25

I added this to my AP Guide. :D

wyldfyre1 responds:

Awesome man. Glad you like my system haha.


2009-08-15 17:05:22

can you rate my songs. i only have two and i'm kinda trying to get my stuff out.

(Updated ) wyldfyre1 responds:

Uh, problem being i can't find your songs. I don't think they are on your profile buddy.


2010-08-29 16:03:59

very nice Rate System XD

wyldfyre1 responds:

i've been using it for years =).