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Entry #241


6/23/13 by wyldfyre1
Updated 6/23/13

Well its looking like I'm back. Though i think I'm going to be doing this slowly. May start into writing music again soon. I have alot of project idea's in mind to put in motion. Doubt much of you guys remember me but here i am! You will see me doing more reviews also!

Much luv NG



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dude its good to see you back! you are the 1!

7/12/13 wyldfyre1 responds:


I remember you quite right as the autor of one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard on NG, Mysts Of The Unknown.

7/12/13 wyldfyre1 responds:

Well i'm glad that i'm remembered =) Thanks for enjoying the music!



Welcome back!

7/12/13 wyldfyre1 responds:

Many thanks! =) Glad to be here again!

Glad you are returning...

6/26/13 wyldfyre1 responds:

Thanks, NG is a different place then i remember but its nice to be here.

Right on, man.

6/24/13 wyldfyre1 responds:

Glad to hear from ya buddy!